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Stella & Sophia 6 Week Old Twin Newborn Session

When you have a baby in the NICU, your experience of having that teeny tiny brand new baby is so vastly different than full termers who get to go home right away after birth. A lot of photographers who specialize in newborn portraits specify that they won’t do newborn sessions past a certain age, often 10-14 days is the usual limit as babies become older and more alert. I, on the other hand, don’t have this rule. While I prefer full-termers in an ideal situation to be between 5-12 days, it’s not a deal breaker for me at all. And especially when I have babes who have just graduated from the NICU after being born considerably early, whatever their age is at discharge, I will still attempt and succeed at doing a newborn session with them. All parents deserve beautiful newborn portraits and I think parents of NICU babies even more so. This is their first ‘normal’  experience with bringing a baby home and I’m always so honored when parents come to me post-NICU, especially when they haven’t met me before, because they know I have extensive experience working with preemies.

Introducing Sophia (light pink) and Stella (dark pink), identical ‘momo‘ twins who I had the privilege of photographing at 6 weeks old, a full two weeks before their due date! With MoMo twins, the doctors make the decision to intentionally deliver early to keep the babies safe from entangling their cords with each other so these parents know ahead of time they will be in the NICU, just not for how long (no one ever knows that). Their momma saw me on the Today Show in April and remembered my information, so I was delighted to be able to get them into the studio once they were discharged. And these angels, oh they were brilliant for me. Slept so sweet and deeply, I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. I used my tricks to help keep them asleep and they were just amazing.

So NICU moms and dads, I know that you may think newborn portraits may be out of the picture for you because your babe will be older when they get out, but I would love to show you that’s just not the case at all. My only request is that babies come to the studio within approx 10 days of discharge because they’ll still be in that sleepy mode, once they get home they’ll perk up and become quite alert in this new world they’re in. I always do my best to work in discharges to my schedule, so please email me at jessicastromphotography@gmail.com or call me during business hours at 913-620-6295 if you’d like more info!

Here are some of my faves from Stella and Sophia’s session. Cheers!



Monday Weekly Round Up | Sneak Peeks from Early July

Alrighty, I missed a couples week for my weekly round up of sneak peeks, so this one’s a little over due! You’re missing all the action over on Facebook peeps, make sure you go check it out! So what happened while you were away? Well let’s see!

Garrett’s second Watch Me Grow session at home!


Sam’s newborn session in the studio!


Charlotte turned 1 and graduated from Watch Me Grow! I’ve been photographing her since she was a day old!


Madison’s 6 month session. I’ve been photographing her since she was 2 weeks old and just barely 2 pounds


5 day old Jackson’s newborn session in the studio


and a second of Jackson because he did so awesome with this pose!


Nora’s mini-newborn session in the studio, check out that smile!


6 week old Jace’s NICU session. This sweet pea was born at just 24 weeks in May! He’s doing awesome!


Alli’s newborn session in the studio!


Brooklyn and Olivia’s family session. I photographed these sweet peas at 6 days old in the NICU when we filmed the Today Show piece!


And sweet Reed and Henry’s 1 Year session, graduating from Watch Me Grow! These 27 seekers have come a long way and are doing fabulous!


Miss Kate at her 18 month session. I photographed her every month as a baby and it was great seeing her in this new stage of toddlerhood!


And Mr. Max turned the BIG ONE, graduating from Watch Me Grow! I’ve also been photographing him since he was a day old!


More to come! Don’t miss out and get in on the fun!




The 6 Stages of Cake Smashing According to Caroline

Cake smashes have become a time honored tradition for one year olds. Call it a rite of passage if you will.

Some kids love ‘em from the get go.

Some kids hate ‘em from the get go.

Some kids are so scared of the cake they cry just looking at it.

Some kids devour it the second the sugar hits their lips.

Some kids take a little coaxing.

Most kids hate getting messy.

All kids look cute no matter their reaction! Even when they’re crying.

And some kids, like Caroline, experience the whole gamut of emotions.


Stage 1: The “I-have-no-idea-what’s-coming-but-you’re-making-me-smile” stage


Stage 2: The “oh-my-gosh-you-made-me-messy-but-it’s-not-so-bad” phase


Stage 3: The “This-is-the-worst-moment-of-my-life” phase


Stage 4: The “I-still-don’t-know-what-to-think-but-maybe-I’ll-smile” phase
*note big sis stealing a taste on the bottom left, oh Elsa*


Stage 5: The “I’m-thinking-I-can-get-into-this” phase


And sweet, oh so sweet, Stage 6: The “Thank-you-Baby-Jesus-for-cake!” stage


My cake smash sessions are always done in the client’s home to capture the details of baby’s first home, usually always on the kitchen table with Mom & Dad on either side just outside the frame for safety. My Watch Me Grow baby plans all have a cake smash at the end to celebrate the end of their first year! You don’t have to do a newborn session with me to do the Watch Me Grow, but if you do, you get a nice little discount off your purchases for the whole year!



The Cutest Little American-Canadian | Owen’s Newborn Session

Oh sweet Owen, you are a doll. His momma hails from Canada like myself (Maple Leaf Forever!!!) and she wanted to be sure to include a little touch of home in Owen’s portraits, so she brought the leggings and I had the Moose and United We Stand pin from back in Calgary and it worked out great. I loved the navy blue on him as the touch of Americana. Now that I’ve been in the new studio for a few months, I am really seeing the beautiful benefits of having a space to work in with consistent wonderful lighting all day long, it really can’t be beat as I really prefer shooting with natural light over studio lights myself.

Owen slept like a champ and loved the warmth of the studio and the white noise we had playing for him. The studio is so relaxing it makes me want to go to sleep, I just love it. He woke up right near the end of the session, which I’m so glad he did as I was able to capture some of the sweetest little looks from him as he was still starting to wake up from the sleepy milk drunk induced coma he’d been in.

I am booking newborn sessions for the fall, so if you’re still looking, check out the info on my site and drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you!




I Love Red-Haired Newborn Babies! | Elianna

Oh sweet Elianna. I could not get over her gorgeous head of red hair. It was just melt me cute. And completely untamable!

I first melt Elianna’s momma at one of my monthly Babies R Us events here in Overland Park in which I do a free maternity portrait of expecting moms who sign up for the Babies R Us gift registry. Elianna looks exactly like her momma, it’s uncanny! When she was a week fresh we got her in the studio and she slept like a dream. I am loving doing my newborn sessions in the studio as it’s all natural light, all day long. This summer it’s been nice as I haven’t had to warm it up to get it nice and toasty for the babies, in fact I’ve been running the AC to keep it cool enough to work in but I tell you, the babies are LOVING the warmth in the studio. Heat, that is safe heat, is absolutely key to contributing to a successful newborn session. Among my other tricks. =0)

I love it when babies can do this pose of their head in their hands. Of course, it is a COMPOSITE shot, meaning mom’s hands were never off the baby and I took two images and created one beautifully finished image. It can be a tricky shot to do so experience is key! If you’re new to newborn photography, please do not attempt to do this shot below without the proper safety methods and technical know-how in Photoshop to be able to create the appropriate composite. Newborns can not support themselves in this pose by themselves.


And here’s just a little sample of some of the my favorite images from Elianna’s session. Love this kiddo!

I am now booking newborns for the fall, so if you’re due in the fall, please get in touch as soon as you can to reserve your spot!

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