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    Based out of the Kansas City metro, I am so blessed to be married to my incredible Daniel for 8 years and momma to my precious dog Duke, who reminds me everyday to "Be the person your dog thinks you are!" Think about it. I have been nationally published in Professional Photographer magazine for my birth photography, my images have been on billboards & commercial campaigns and I travel internationally for portrait sessions. I am proudly a dual Canadian-American, love Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream like it's going out of style, Spaceballs is my all-time favorite movie and I'm a closet Broadway fan. Thank you for checking out my work!

2014 Rock The Tutu & Rock My Tie Free Photo Contest

Jessica Strom Photography Free Photo Contest Baby Rock The Tutu Rock My Tie

It’s that time of year again for my annual FREE baby photo contests!! This year is the 5th Annual Rock The Tutu for girls and for the boys 3rd annual contest, Rock My Tie. These contests are for ages 0 – 2, FUN, FREE, and a FABULOUS way to some AWESOME prizes! Plus meet me!!

GRAND PRIZE: 1 from each Contest: Awarded to the entry with the most overall votes and consists of one family portrait session of the child and his/her immediate family only with the Tickle Me High Resolution Digital package, 30 retouched medium resolution images. Session is to be shot on location in Johnson County. $750 VALUE!

BONUS GRAND PRIZE: This year, in lieu of runner up prizes, each Grand Prize Winner will get to GIVE A FAMILY SESSION of the same value to another family. Yep, you read that right:


PRIZE DATES: I only shoot outdoor sessions in the evenings and shoot Tuesdays – Saturdays. Each family who wins (or is given) a session will organize the date with me based on both our schedules. Session MUST be redeemed no later than November 1st 2014 or will no longer be valid.

How to Enter:

All images used for the contest are photographed only by me, Jessica Strom,  and only takes about 10 minutes to accomplish. Entry photographs are taken in South Overland Park only, physical address will given to parents upon scheduling. The entry period is open between Friday April 25th – Wed May 7th, no entry photos will be scheduled on Sundays or Mondays or any evening past 7pm.

Please REGISTER using the online form and I will contact you to arrange a time for you to come out to do your entry photos. **The form does not work for mobile devices, only for desk tops and laptops, so if you’re on a mobile device, email me the info (see form) to jessicastromphotography@gmail.com with CONTEST as the email subject. Sorry for the inconvience.

Official Contest Rules For Both:

ROCK MY TIE Live vote here on my website is open from 8:00AM May 9th & ends at 11:59PM May 10th.

ROCK THE TUTU live vote is also here on my website and is open from 8:00AM May 16 & ends 11:59 PM May 17.


Rock The Tutu is open to girls only ages 0-2 and Rock My Tie is open to boys only ages 0-2.

Model/Liability release must be signed per family with permission to use their child’s image in the contest or other promotions relating to Jessica Strom Photography in the future. Child’s image and first name will be used online, no exceptions can be made.

Contest entries do not include any form of prints or digital images, there is no compensation for entering. A digital voting card will made with each entry’s image that is to be used to promote the contest and to encourage voters to vote for them. These will be posted on Jessica Strom Photography’s facebook page for you to save and use, but no one entry will be endorsed by Jessica Strom Photography.

Grand Prizes are awarded to the entry with the most overall votes from each contest, won by public popular vote by voting on www.jessicastrom.net, not a panel of judges or by Jessica Strom. Parents must be proactive to promote their child’s entry in the contest to obtain votes.

Voting is limited to 1 vote per entry per IP address per 24 hours from your first time voting. Mobile voting links will be provided for complete compatibility, however Jessica Strom is not responsible for the inability to vote from any device.

Any attempt to excessively overload an entry with false votes or otherwise garnish unfair results will result in the entry being disqualified, even if it was not done by the parents or family members. NO EMAIL MAILING LISTS using businesses are permitted, meaning you can not solicit votes by asking a newsletter/email list for votes. You can link to the contest from a business website and or your business Facebook page, however you can not reward anyone for votes to win, anyone found offering rewards for votes will result in immediate disqualification.

ROCK THE TUTU OUTFITS: All girls must wear the tutus provided by Jessica Strom (SEE ABOVE PHOTOS AT THE TOP FOR THIS YEAR’S COLORS; purple, orange, pink and black, same as last year) and to make the most of your image with the tutu, parents are required to provide a plain black top and leggings OR a plain black onesie for those not yet standing (available at Hobby Lobby for $5). Parents are encouraged to accent their child’s outfit with any accessories such as jewelry, hair pieces, or shoes.

ROCK MY TIE OUTFITS: All boys must wear a neck tie and a plain white top or onesie with neutral pants/leggings. I have a couple 0-6 month size neck ties available you can use if you’d like for the smaller babies but I really encourage parents to get creative and provide their own. For boys older than 6 months parents will need to provide the tie. Accessories like suspenders or glasses are fine. The iron on tie onesies are fine as long as it’s on a white onesie or shirt. Neck ties only to keep it consistent, no bow ties.

Multiple children from the same family may enter one or both contests if they are in different age categories. Twins are photographed together and presented together for one entry.

Digital Images from the entry sessions are available for purchase after the completion of the contest at $20 each for the high resolution image. You can prepay if you wish to purchase online only at https://squareup.com/market/jessica-strom-photography-inc/contest-digital-image. Your image will be emailed to you after the close of the contest.

DISCLAIMER: I have had instances of parents in the past altering the vote card to print their child’s image without my watermark despite the low pixelation I’ve set them to, please be advised this is strictly against the law and considered theft! All images taken by me are copyrighted and protected by federal copyright law. Please respect my professional work and my time as I respect you. I put A LOT of time into these contests to make it free and fun, please do not ruin it for everyone by stealing your child’s photo to use or print without my watermark. If using the vote card as your profile picture on Facebook or other social media sites, MY WATERMARK MUST BE VIEWABLE, do not crop it out. So if you love your child’s photo, please purchase it to help me be able to continue to offer these contests for free in the future. If the theft continues moving forward I will either have to discontinue the contests every year or start charging for them, which I don’t want to do either. Thank you for understanding this!

SO, what’cha waiting for? Tell your family, tell your friends!This is a majorly fun contest you don’t want to miss out on and if you’ve been wanting to meet me and see how I work with the little ones before booking a session, this is a perfect chance!



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My List of Thank You’s | Featured on The Today Show!

WELCOME to my little corner of the internet! I’m so glad you’re here!

My exclusive segment for my NICU Photography will be airing TODAY on the TODAY SHOW at 9:33am local time. Which means my East coast friends will see it an hour before me, lucky ducks! As soon as the piece is posted online I will be sharing the segment here.

To say this experience of being featured on The Today Show for my NICU work is an honor would be the understatement of my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that spreading some joy and happiness to families in the NICU would ever grow to this big of an extent and be uplifted & supported the way it has. I only have one explanation for how this was possible. Simply, Love Multiplies. I’ve said it before, but when you love for no other reason than to love and bring cheer, love embraces you back. And grows.

The day of filming 12 days ago was exciting, nerve wracking, and went so smoothly it felt almost like a dream. On my request to keep the film crew of low impact to the NICU, only the producer flew out from NYC to film and put together the piece and was just so kind and calming. Leading up to this day, it took a lot of working pieces to bring it all together and so without further adu, my Thank You’s.

Thank you Sarah Gish and The Kansas City Star,
for the first 8 page feature in the paper back in December.
That absolutely beautiful piece was the start of all of this and I am forever grateful.

Thank you to Agnes,
the NBC reporter who brought my story to the Today Show website and forwarded it to the broadcast. It was another just beautiful piece!

Thank you Rekha, the producer who I worked with for the Today Show broadcast piece. You were okay with waiting until I returned from Canada and I am forever grateful!

Thank you to Chris Hamele and everyone at Overland Park Regional Medical Center
who have always welcomed me with open arms. To say thank you for not only allowing me to be filmed in the NICU but for putting everything together for me would never be enough. It was so hard keeping this a secret from everyone that we were filming there!
Truly, you guys all feel like family!

 Thank you to Brandon & Cassandra, and little misses Ava & Olivia
It was definitely God-directed that our paths crossed and I’m so thankful to have you all in my life.
Oh, and thanks for being cool with being interviewed too! =0)

Thank you to Kerrie & Dominic, and little misses Olivia & Brooklyn
You guys are rock stars, truly, for being so gracious with sharing your teeny babes while in the midst of everything going on. What joy it was to photograph their first reunion since birth and I’m so thankful for new friends!

Thank you Erin Cox
for donating your time & talent to do my hair and make-up the morning of filming.
You calmed my nerves just by being you and it truly helped the whole rest of the day go smoothly!

Thank you to ALL my NICU parents
who cheered me on the last few months and who so graciously allowed me to share images of your babes.  Never would have imagined they’d be on the Today Show and this would not be possible, none of this would be possible, if not for your invitations to come into the NICU to photograph your families and for being not only so open to sharing your images but encouraging
me to do so.

Thank you to ALL my clients, friends and family
As a newly minted American citizen, I really feel like I’m living and breathing the American Dream. Thank you for loving and supporting me through all the years and always being a source of encouragement  and sharing the work that I do with others in need. I would not be here with you.

Thank you to my husband Daniel.
My other half. My love. My everything.
There are no words to ever tell you how much I love and adore you.

And last, but certainly first, Thank you God

For gifting me with this incredible journey
For helping me see past my own problems and turn deep hurts into unconditional love for others
This is the story of my life
and You are the author

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Nikki Hume Hunt - 04/08/2014 - 1:47 pm

Just watched your segment here in FL. God bless you and your heart for others! One of my favorite segments ever :)

Iris Jorgensen - 04/08/2014 - 2:02 pm

This is too sweet :) can’t wait to watch!!!

Jessica Shayn Photography - 04/08/2014 - 2:23 pm

I also just watched the segment in NY and felt an immediate connection to your story. It wasn’t just because we are both photographers named Jessica. . . or that our businesses are both JSP! The way you have come to share your gift with families is simply beautiful. Few things are more gratifying for me than the reaction of parents when they view the images of their children, families and celebrations for the first time. I know just how special it is to be able to give people those lasting memories. You are a very special soul whose story has inspired me to seek out similar opportunities in my area. Thank you.

Lily Hoover - 04/08/2014 - 2:40 pm

Just saw you this morning, very sweet. My sister in law currently has her twins in NICU in SLC and 2 months premature. However, she has been released back home.in Nevada (they flew her to the hospial), she’s having the most heartbreaking time not being there for them everyday. Someone like you would mean the world.

Sarah M Mullinix - 04/08/2014 - 2:46 pm

Wonderful segment on the Today’s show! You are just an amazing photographer! God bless you and the work you are doing for those families!

Erin Renee Cox - 04/08/2014 - 2:46 pm

Proud of you and thankful to know you and watch your story unfold! God has blessed you with a heart that is truly like His! Love you sweet friend! May your blessings keep multiplying! Amen!

Rachelle-aguirre William-debutts - 04/08/2014 - 2:52 pm

OMGOODNESS!!! What a great lady you are!! I’ve wanting to do the samething where I live. How did you start the volunteer process?!? You are such a inspiration to women & photographers to remember we all have a connection to babies!!

Debbie Creamer - 04/08/2014 - 3:19 pm

just watched in Iowa what a special person you are what an awesome story

Declan’s Newborn Session at Home

Beautiful little man Declan. My second Declan of the JSP family and cute to boot. He’s the first baby of Laura and Jon, who kept baby’s gender a surprise until birth (seriously, how do people do this? I’m in awe, I never could if it ever were me) and we had such a beautiful maternity session last fall, I knew that Declan’s home session would be beautiful. They were one of my last to book the Belly to Baby when the newborn portion included me bringing my equipment to the home (since I have the studio now I don’t travel with the equipment) so they got the best of both worlds. It was hard to pick out my favorites but I chose a little before and after shot first, which I shared on Facebook a little while back (where all the sneak peeks are posted). Love!

Kansas City Newborn Photographer Jessica Strom
And some more of his soft squishy self. I was so impressed with the little dude, I don’t often do naked baby shots but Declan rallied and didn’t poop or pee on my white backdrop. I totally temped fate people.


And some in the nursery, which was so adorable. Those giraffes, yeah his mom painted those! I love them!!! I think it’s so important to capture baby in their own new habitat when they’re this little, because a lot of work goes into getting baby’s room ready so you want to be sure to capture it for them before this time fleets away!


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Laura Thiessen Paine - 04/04/2014 - 5:58 pm

You never cease to amaze me!! We couldn’t have asked for better photos or a better photographer!! You’re the best!!!

Aaron Dillin - 04/04/2014 - 7:04 pm

These are amazing pictures!!! Such a beautiful baby boy…and pretty darn good looking parents too!

Donna Thiessen - 04/05/2014 - 3:35 am

What darling pictures!! Such a sweet baby boy!! Love the Mommy and Daddy pictures too!!

Adrienne Nixon - 04/08/2014 - 12:08 pm

I read about your work here http://www.today.com/moms/labor-love-volunteer-nicu-photographer-focuses-tiny-most-vulnerable-babies-2D11876840 Just wanted to say I think it’s incredible how you are using your amazing talent for the babies in the NICU and their families.

James | Newborn Nook Studio Session

Handsome little man James came out the Newborn Nook (this was done in the old small studio) for his portraits and was just a dream baby. He slept pretty much the whole time, except for taking a peek at me to see what I was doing, and just took it easy. One of my easiest newborn sessions to date! It was hard to pick out some favorites but here are some, my fave combo is the grey with grey/yellow hat, he just looks so tiny and darling.

If you’re expecting and looking for a newborn photographer, you’ve come to the right place! My new bigger studio opens up by next week and I’m excited to start welcoming all the babes into the natural light sweet spot. Check out the info above or email me at jessicastromphotography@gmail.com

Kansas City Newborn Photographer Jessica Strom
Kansas City Newborn Photographer Jessica Strom

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This is what you get when you WIN my ROCK THE TUTU contest…

It’s APRIL!! Do you know what that means?? It means Spring is finally starting to show up AND my 5th annual ROCK THE TUTU girls photo contest and my 3rd annual ROCK MY TIE boys photo contest for babes 0 – 2 years is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Eeeeeek!! For those who don’t know what it is, it’s FREE to enter, takes under 5 minutes to do so as I take all the images for the contest, and you can win some seriously awesome prizes in the SHORT TWO DAY vote. Yep, just TWO days, not a week like some contests drag on. Vote vote boom boom DONE.

This year, being the 5th year, the GRAND PRIZES are this:

The winner of either contest will win a FAMILY SESSION with a complete HIGH RESOLUTION digital package (total value $700!!)

But wait, there’s more!

Each winner will ALSO be able to GIVE the exact same FAMILY SESSION with digital package to someone of their choosing!!!

Oh yeah!!


You do not want to miss this!

I will be announcing all the details next week for scheduling your child’s entry photo here in Overland Park and the live vote dates will be in May (boys first this year followed by the girls). So tell your friends, don’t miss out, because after the entry period closes, there’s no additional entries taken. Be sure to FOLLOW my FACEBOOK page to make sure you don’t miss a beat!

Last year, Miss Tyler was the Grand Prize Winner of 2013′s Rock The Tutu and won this family session below for her family last fall. I adored how they all wore stripes, looked so cute! And I adored how HAPPY they are just to be a beautiful family in love with each other and with life. So if you love these images too and want a family session of your own FOR FREE, be sure to stay tuned for contest info!!


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