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Family, Time & The Value of 5 Minutes

Before Charlie was born, like every other adult I experienced time speeding up and the moments where you sit back and wonder where it all went. After Charlie was born, time hopped on the Autobahn and never looked back. When people with kids say it goes by way too fast, they no kidding absolutely whole heartedly mean it, and then some. If you’re a parent you’re probably nodding your head in agreement am I right? =)

So I’m still a very new mom, just 3 months in, and I already know that time and budget factor in to every single decision I make. Not that I didn’t before, but now that I have less freedom with the money I work for, I value it so much more. I value TIME even more than that. Right now I’m soaking in the baby stage, because there is a period right around the corner where life is going to really speed up. Are you there right now? When time is this race horse you can barely keep up with?

Anyone who knows me knows I am a workaholic. I LOVE my job. Since I slowed down to a turtle’s pace at the end of my pregnancy, and especially now that Charlie is here and I get to stay home with him, I needed to find a way to make my work schedule, well, work. Gone are the days of shooting 6 days a week and editing/blogging/booking/ delivering/etc during the night hours of those 6 days. By having the need to make the very most of my time so I can spend as much of it with my son as possible while still making enough to pay our bills, as well as continue to shoot the free sessions in the NICU and work on preemie-related projects, the answer came to me in my very popular and high demand sessions, the 5 Minute Mini-Mini sessions.

If you have ever said to yourself any of the following, “I only need a few photos”, “I just need one for the Christmas card”, or “Holy crap, I don’t have that kind of money right now, or ever.” , then I’ve got your answer. Our answer. And I’m the only professional photographer who offers it that I know of in the city.

Scheduled on certain days and at different locations throughout the city (KC Proud!), in 5 minutes we can achieve beautiful portraits at a mere fraction of the cost, both in budget and time. At just $60 + tax, which includes 3-5 high resolution digital images of my choosing to send to you, you can now have the option to have gorgeous portraits of several milestones throughout the year, versus saving up for maybe one family photo shoot. That one family photo shoot where you still only put a few of your favorites on the walls, in albums, and online. Even I’ve done that with our own family portraits.

5 minutes. Toddlers, teenagers, and husbands LOVE the snot out of 5 minutes. Get in, Get out. Everyone is happy. And you get your images back in a week pending no unexpected life events on my part. No more waiting 2, 3, even 4 weeks for photos.

Perfect for families, babies, toddlers, tweens, teenagers, pregnancy announcements, graduation, grandparents, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, High school seniors who need that one photo for their Facebook or yearbook, I mean really, the list goes on. And come back again and again and have photos documenting your various milestones while showing some serious love for our beautiful city with locations all over the metro and many ‘Classic KC’ spots!

The sessions are really so awesome I made a secondary website just for them, www.5minutephotoshoot.com. You can check out the dates, locations, and even book and pay online! No more having to write to me to see what’s available, it’s all right there.

Am I still going to be doing my regular general 30 minute sessions? Yes, of course, but on very limited availability. I give the best deal on those sessions if scheduled on Saturday mornings in either Leavenworth or Lawrence, check my pricing page for details. I’m also going to absolutely be doing the NICU sessions, which will pick up more as Charlie gets older and I can leave him with a sitter.

So, PLEASE check out the new site (www.5minutephotoshoot.com) and give one of these sessions a try! You’ll love it so much you may be convinced there’s no other way to do portraits. Check out the reviews below from very happy past 5 Minute client sessions with photos from their sessions, and you can see not only the awesome experience they had but the beautiful quality of the images they received. What are you waiting for? Let’s save time, money, and document MORE of LIFE.



ALL 5 minute mini-mini sessions are just $60 + tax and INCLUDE 3-5 high resolution digital images made available to you via digital download approx 1 week after your session. Be sure to check out the FAQ for more info!


Regular 5 Minute sessions are only scheduled on specific dates/times available for booking through our online booking system. Fall dates will be added and open for booking starting in July.

Questions? Shoot me an email at jessicastromphotography@gmail.com

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