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I’m trying to catch up on blogging and get into a bigger groove about it, but I wanted to share some images from baby Marlowe’s newborn session in the Studio recently that I love. This sweet babe could pull off any color I put on her and we did a variety of shots using a simple pop of color to neutral and naked, she did so well. When they had a girl, Mom sent Dad out to get something ‘girly’ for the photo shoot, he bought the sweetest most frilliest pink tutu he could find, and of course we incorporated it into the shoot and she looked so pretty in pink. Since I had the parents prep her before she arrived to help her sleep during the session, Marlowe slept the entire afternoon and we were able to wrap up the session in just two hours, so awesome!


Check out those eyelashes on her! They say boys get the best eyelashes but Marlowe definitely got the best from her Daddy. Those little kissable pouty lips, adorable nose, and the hairs on her ear are just too cute for words. And those piggy toes, oh I can’t get enough of baby’s toes. Ever!


I have newborn openings for September and November in the Studio, please do get in touch at jessicastromphotography@gmail.com



This has been my most popular mini-session package in previous years and THIS year I’m letting YOU choose the location of either Ironwoods Park in Leawood or Antioch Park in Merriam AND you get to pick the day/time. 30 minutes is the perfect length of a family session as it’s a quick enough session to get a great variety of beautiful portraits of both family combos and kid combos PLUS it makes kids and Dads happy because it goes by super quick!

Limited dates available as this package is only done on WEEK NIGHTS. In September start times begin at 6pm, October begins at 4:30, and after Nov 1st begin at 3:30pm.

Dates in September available, October has very very limited availability, and dates still available for November. But they won’t last long! Payment due in full to book and confirm your date, you can reschedule once to another available date in the event of a a conflict or weather.

Email me today! jessicastromphotography@gmail.com with questions on availability and you can check out securely online at https://squareup.com/market/jessica-strom-photography-inc/fall-mini-session-package

I look forward to working with you!


Oh sweet baby Keir! This handsome little stud is the little brother of Remy, who I had the joy of photographing his family from his parents maternity session in 2012 through Remy’s First Year. Keir looks just like Remy and is so adorable, I can’t get enough of his little rolls! We did their maternity session for Keir at they home, then Keir’s posed images at the new studio and a second newborn session for family images back at home. I’m thrilled to be photographing Keir’s first year too, it’s going to be a blast!

Here are some faves from Lisa & Chris’ maternity session, these were done in their driveway and on the street outside where the boys will grow up:


 Some favorites from Keir’s studio session. They brought the Super Little Brother outfit and Remy did have a Super Big Brother outfit, but trying to corral an 18 month old to stay still with his baby brother is pretty much impossible. =)


And some faves from their family session at home. I love the real life in these images with Remy, the snuggles, the laughter, the tickles, all of it. These boys are going to grow up to best of friends, I know it!


And so stay tuned for Keir’s first year, I can’t wait to see if he’ll have Remy’s chubby rolls and mad curly hair and what his own unique traits will be. Seriously, I have the best.job.ever!


Oh how I love this sweet girl! This family has been such a joy to work with since Mom was expecting Miss Lexie last year. Over the last year I photographed their maternity session while waiting for Lexie, Lexie’s birth, her newborn session and her milestones sessions on Watch Me Grow. And now Miss Lexie is going to be a BIG SISTER to a precious set of twins due to arrive next week. We don’t yet know the genders and that’s so much fun! Here are some favorites from their maternity session in June that we did at Ironwoods Park and at their home. Loved the colors, the smiles, the sweet happy family! What a joy to be able to be there for them during these precious first years!



When you have a baby in the NICU, your experience of having that teeny tiny brand new baby is so vastly different than full termers who get to go home right away after birth. A lot of photographers who specialize in newborn portraits specify that they won’t do newborn sessions past a certain age, often 10-14 days is the usual limit as babies become older and more alert. I, on the other hand, don’t have this rule. While I prefer full-termers in an ideal situation to be between 5-12 days, it’s not a deal breaker for me at all. And especially when I have babes who have just graduated from the NICU after being born considerably early, whatever their age is at discharge, I will still attempt and succeed at doing a newborn session with them. All parents deserve beautiful newborn portraits and I think parents of NICU babies even more so. This is their first ‘normal’  experience with bringing a baby home and I’m always so honored when parents come to me post-NICU, especially when they haven’t met me before, because they know I have extensive experience working with preemies.

Introducing Sophia (light pink) and Stella (dark pink), identical ‘momo‘ twins who I had the privilege of photographing at 6 weeks old, a full two weeks before their due date! With MoMo twins, the doctors make the decision to intentionally deliver early to keep the babies safe from entangling their cords with each other so these parents know ahead of time they will be in the NICU, just not for how long (no one ever knows that). Their momma saw me on the Today Show in April and remembered my information, so I was delighted to be able to get them into the studio once they were discharged. And these angels, oh they were brilliant for me. Slept so sweet and deeply, I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. I used my tricks to help keep them asleep and they were just amazing.

So NICU moms and dads, I know that you may think newborn portraits may be out of the picture for you because your babe will be older when they get out, but I would love to show you that’s just not the case at all. My only request is that babies come to the studio within approx 10 days of discharge because they’ll still be in that sleepy mode, once they get home they’ll perk up and become quite alert in this new world they’re in. I always do my best to work in discharges to my schedule, so please email me at jessicastromphotography@gmail.com or call me during business hours at 913-620-6295 if you’d like more info!

Here are some of my faves from Stella and Sophia’s session. Cheers!


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