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This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

A couple months ago, I received an email wondering if I would be interested in participating in an article on birth photography for Professional Photographer Magazine. I was absolutely floored. You have to understand, this is the Creme de la Creme of photographer magazines, huge huge deal and it was the first time they had done an article on birth photography. I asked the writer how she heard of me as there are other birth photographers who have been around much longer than myself and apparently, not to toot my own horn, her editor follows my work! (THANK YOU EDITOR! I HEART YOU!) I had the honor of being featured in the article with two other extremely talented birth photographers Rachael of Rachael May Photography and Kim of Kim Charie Photography who are both located on the West Coast.

The concept of birth photography is rather “new”, it’s gaining popularity as women are realizing how private and tastefully it is done, as well as, and I must add this, how EMPOWERING it is to have the birth of your child documented forever in a way that not only shows the entrance of this little being in the world, but also shows how incredibly moving an experience it is for a woman to go outside of herself to bring life into the world. To be able to hold a photograph in your hands of an experience that without that little big reminder can and often does become incredibly hazy over time. As a photographer I love being able to give the images to parents that makes them weak in the knees over how stunningly beautiful their child’s entrance into the world really and absolutely was. It’s indescribable.

*Please note that each of us photographers had 3 images published, so not every image in the article is mine. The two in color are mine, Gemma’s birth center water birth and Carson’s hospital birth, and the one of the little guy with his fist in his mouth (close up shot provided) is my sweetheart Cade from his home birth.

The article is a pretty basic introduction to birth photography. I hope that it inspires others to look more into birth photography but I must stress, it’s not as easy as it looks! It requires so much expertise and dedication. I was in business for 3 years before I even started to add birth photography to my focus because birth isn’t something you practice on to learn photography. This is real life, as real as it gets, and there are absolutely no dress rehearsals. Clients who invite you into this most intimate space to document the most emotional day of their lives, welcoming their child, deserve nothing short of the absolute best. Please don’t jump into it thinking it’s all warm fuzzies, because those warm fuzzies would very quickly vanish if you don’t know what you are doing. This is much much more stressful than photographing any wedding day.

Being published online is one thing, but seeing my images in a top international magazine… wow. The only thing that I could ever want more is the cover. One day. =0) If you want to read the full article, it can be found HERE. Want to know more about my birth packages? Check out HERE. I do require my birth clients to book both maternity and newborn sessions with me in order to be able to book me for their birth. This is imperative to developing the bond in which I feel is need to truly evoke your emotions in your photographs. Doing the maternity session together is similar to why you do an engagement session before the wedding, for you and the photographer to get to know each other and feel comfortable with the camera out, to get excited over baby’s arrival together. The newborn session is a beautiful way to wrap up the experience after the intensity of the birth by me coming to your home and documenting the new family. It’s a triangle, all three pieces are essential to the whole birth experience. And it is absolutely beautiful.

Professional Photographer Magazine, published by Professional Photographers of America (PPA), February 2012 issue.

THANK YOU everyone for all of your support. Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!! Thank you to my sweet babies who were featured, Gemma, Carson, and Cade, photographing your births has forever left little imprints on my heart and I pray for you and all of the babies whose births I photograph and witness all the time. THANK YOU to the families who invite me into their secret place and allow me to know you so sweetly. It is impossible not to have some love for you guys!!

Sarah -

Congrats Jessica! This is an amazing accomplishment and I am so proud of you!


This is Wyatt. Just as he is. No props, no fuss, just hanging out.

When these were taken in December, Wyatt was 13 days old and still in that dreamy sleepy baby stage. Wyatt’s family did a maternity session with me which you can see HERE. I couldn’t wait to meet this little guy, I knew he would be a very chilled out kid and he didn’t disappoint. I wanted to photograph him just the way he is, so all I brought was my camera. No props or set up, no external lighting (yep, that’s all natural light from his window), no posing. This was his first time in his crib so it was special to his momma to have these. Big brother Wyatt loved showing off his little brother and Amber let me have lots of snuggles with her squishy itty bitty Wyatt, which always warms my heart. It was nice just to hang out, visit, relax, and take some photos. I think you might agree with me, these sessions are just simple and sweet. Thanks Amber for having me over! Can’t wait to see you again!


Kara -

Really beautiful – I love the photo with him in the crib 😉


“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness”
~ Anonymous
What a treasure and a joy it was to photograph maternity portraits for oh so darling Damary and  her adoring hubby Brian. You see, they have been waiting FIFTEEN (15!) years for this baby. Sweet precious Millie will be here in no time and I pray their cup overflows with happiness, blessings, joy and laughter. I am seriously so very excited for little miss to make her grand entrance, for Damary to hold her daughter that she waited so long for in her arms, for Brian to hold her close to feel her heartbeat, to hear that cry that will melt her parents hearts, to touch her, count her toes, smell her, adore her. To be able to sit back and just take it all in, that finally, this child they have been waiting so long for, is really, really here. They might need someone to pinch them! Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery!


Millie at 3 Months | Kansas City Baby Photographer | Kansas City Maternity, Newborn, and Baby Photographer | Kansas City Birth Photographer | Overland Park -

[…] loved and wanted. She is a baby her parents dreamed into life. Ever since I photographed her parents maternity portraits, I have been just waiting & waiting to meet her. She’s now 3 months old and just […]


I was tickled pink when Tori found me by seeing my work hanging in the birth center and commissioned me to do my BIRTH Experience! (All three sessions, being maternity, birth, and newborn, are commissioned). This is their first baby AND a SURPRISE! Having a surprise baby is so exciting! (Remember Leslie and Katie? Their wee ones were surprise babies too!  So we met up on a not so fantastic day weather wise, a bit cold and windy BUT Tori is a rock star momma and braved it all. I chose a location that we could start outside with and then wrap up indoors to warm our toes. I was secretly hoping for some snowfall. Still hoping… Tori brought some cute accessories and we had fun changing it up a little here and there. This was the first time I had met them and it was just an instant connection, it was like getting to know an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time!

Started off with some of these…

And then to a little bit of this…

And then we went inside for a little of this…

Stay tuned… If you follow me on Facebook (and if you don’t you should!), you’ll be sure to get updates when Baby C makes his/her grand entrance!!

Thanks Tori & Tj! Had so much fun!!


I was so excited when Khoa’s (pronounced KWAH, Vietnamese for Science) parents emailed me to book maternity and newborn portraits. I had met them at a function over the summer where I won a nursing bra in a door prize (don’t need one of those for myself) so I gifted it to this adorable young couple sitting in front of me. Khoa’s mom and her little bump was so cute! I was bummed when she was put on bed rest and chose not to do a home maternity session (I can do bed rest maternity sessions, I have lots of un ideas for those!) but so excited when Khoa arrived safe and sound and I just couldn’t wait to meet him!! Okay, so when I saw this this little guy’s hair, I thought for sure he was giving Gemma a run for her money. Little Khoa  is a charmer!! I think every time I do a newborn session I have to really fight the urge to just want to sit in a rocking chair and hold the baby the entire time, and especially with  Khoa the second I saw him I just melted right then and there. We took advantage of his sleepiness and set up for his simple solo portraits first. He knocked it out of the ball park, super easy calm baby. Until he woke up, and was hungry, and ate for an army and really just wasn’t impressed with me. I admit, he broke my heart. He’s definitely a daddy’s boy and I could see how his momma just adores the love between them, it’s so precious. I can’t wait to see this little guy grow up. I think the next time I photograph him, I want to do a faux hawk with his hair. My husband doesn’t even have as much hair as this kid! (Don’t tell him I said that, I think he’s in denial!)

Charmer? See for yourself! We did shoot a lot more of the family shots (which I always do in a newborn session after the baby portraits) but some of them are nursing shots and while modest, tasteful and sweet, out of the respect for privacy, I never show those images online.

*PS. This was the first newborn session I’d done with my NIKON D700 lens and shot the entire session in a dark room using only natural daylight from the window only and my 24-70 lens. Swoon!! Love this camera! And Khoa’s little birth mark on his tooshie!

Did you see that? I got a shot of all 3 of them looking at me! Khoa, I love you!! Thanks buddy!



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