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It is always such a joy to work with the Rolf family every year since Katie was first pregnant with Abel and now their precious daughter is soon to make her debut! Katie and I had fun planning out the session to fulfill her vision for what she wanted out of her images and I absolutely love how they came out. We found the blue graffiti wall down in the West Bottoms by chance having no idea it would match her dress so perfectly and I love how she dressed up her boys with a dash of pink for the wee little Miss coming. It was an insanely windy day but we found some great spots out of the wind, for the most part, and just rocked it.

Kansas City West Bottoms Maternity Family Photographer Jessica Strom

I always love popping by the freight yard, you never know what color combos you’re going to get but it worked out lovely!

Kansas City West Bottoms Maternity Family Photographer Jessica Strom

Across the freight yard is the viaduct for the Central Avenue bridge which is one of my favorite spots to shoot since there’s next to no traffic and I love the beams. Mostly because there’s no traffic, so it makes it much safer to bring clients out there.

Kansas City West Bottoms Maternity Family Photographer Jessica Strom

For our glitz and fun, Katie and her mom actually made the tutu and gold top outfit and I LOVE IT. We wanted to celebrate having a girl and do something totally girly, which if you know Katie is fun because she’s like me and not really girly girl at all, so it was a blast to have some fun, and she looked amazing!

Kansas City West Bottoms Maternity Family Photographer Jessica Strom

These family photos are my favorite. Abel had had enough by then (only 30 minutes later!) and so when I knew I had enough posed ones of him, I encouraged him to go splash in some puddles, which this boy was all about! LOVE. Life with a toddler ya’ll.

Kansas City West Bottoms Maternity Family Photographer Jessica Strom

Can’t wait to meet you Baby Girl! See you real soon!!


It was an absolutely beautiful morning down on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri for miss Lydia’s 18 month photo shoot, the weather was divine and it was a cloudy morning, which when shooting down on the Plaza is preferred for me because then we can shoot anywhere! Lydia was in a fantastic mood, loved exploring and being silly, and looked divine in that adorable little romper that her Mom put her in. Though the main focus was of course Lydia herself, we got some family photos in there too. This only took 30 minutes, which is all you need! With toddlers I find a spot, take the shot, and we keep moving, it’s the best way to go to keep little people interested and having fun. I have loved photographing Lydia as she’s grown from a newborn to curious toddler, this girl is going places and I’m privileged to document this amazing life of hers. =)

KansasCity-Country-Club-Plaza-Photo-Shoot-Family-Photographer-Jessica-Strom-1 KansasCity-Country-Club-Plaza-Photo-Shoot-Family-Photographer-Jessica-Strom-2 KansasCity-Country-Club-Plaza-Photo-Shoot-Family-Photographer-Jessica-Strom-3 KansasCity-Country-Club-Plaza-Photo-Shoot-Family-Photographer-Jessica-Strom-4


Oh sweet handsome little man Paul. This is one of my favorite recent sessions which we shot down in the Rose Garden at Loose Park near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri. Since it’s prime wedding season we opted to schedule the session on a weekday and with May being as rainy as it was, we really lucked out on a gorgeous day. I loved how happy Paul was, I mean, you look at the kid and he smiles, laughs and coos. Oh babies, just melt me. And blue is absolutely his power color, look at his eyes! Ah!


It wouldn’t be a session in the Rose Garden if we didn’t get a family shot actually in front of roses. The whites were perfect to accent their blue outfits!


Another quintessential Rose Garden backdrop, the beautiful arches. I asked Paul’s parents to just play with him for a few minutes and got this adorable images. As you can see, Paul thinks his Daddy is hilarious!


If you have a drooly baby, bring an extra outfit! Paul soaked through his first outfit so we ha

Rose-Garden-Loose-Park-Kansas-City-Family-Baby-Photographer-Jessica-Strom-Affordable-photography-04 Rose-Garden-Loose-Park-Kansas-City-Family-Baby-Photographer-Jessica-Strom-Affordable-photography-05 Rose-Garden-Loose-Park-Kansas-City-Family-Baby-Photographer-Jessica-Strom-Affordable-photography-06

I just loved working with this sweet family and looking forward to seeing them again! My sessions are all-inclusive, meaning one price for the session itself and your choice of digital images! Easy peasy, one price, no upsells, no add-ons, just beautiful and AFFORDABLE images to treasure. Learn more at http://www.jessicastrom.net/packages-kansas-city-baby-photographer/


Confession time: After living in the suburbs for 5 years I got a little too comfortable with just shooting in the ‘burbs and not venturing out as much as I’ve always wanted to but never really did as much just due to the distance (and the old insane price of gas!). BUT, since I now have to drive an hour to pretty much anywhere (I literally live an hour-ish away from downtown KC, an hour to OP, an hour to Lawrence, an hour to Topeka, an hour to Leavenworth. Literally, everything is an hour), I really am enjoying branching out and getting more urban sessions rather than sticking to the parks. In being fair, I actually prefer urban settings to the parks just because I love lines and finding great angles to shoot from. So expect to see more urban sessions, because I’m loving them and really want to highlight my love for this beautiful city as the backdrop to my sessions.

So, with Lincoln’s 1 Year session, we did his session down by Kauffman Center area and I just adore how precious this family is. And seriously, how gorgeous is this kid??


Yep, I love love lines! It’s all about bringing the focus to the subject and lines just make my heart pitter patter. That and ridiculously gorgeous families.



As much as I love lines, I also do love greenery. I mean, it’s what kept me in the ‘burbs for as long as it did. So I do try to find a little wherever I go and when his mom put that blue shirt on Lincoln, his gorgeous eyes just popped with that serene blue. Sigh. A photographer’s dream model.


Some insanely adorable fun with Dad.


And the smiles on both sides of that hug, melt me.


Thanks for a great session guys! So much fun! And yes, we did this in just 30 minutes! What? Yep, check out my packages HERE and book your session.


I absolutely adore this adorable family. They’ve been dear returning clients of mine since big brother Khoa was a newborn and its all fun and giggles every time I photograph them. Just over Linh’s first year from the NICU to her 1 Year session, we’ve had 6 sessions and it’s a blast.

When choosing a location for any session, I try to go off of the background that parents are wanting (usually I ask do you want greenery or urban?) and then try to find what they want in an easy location to get to for everyone. Surprisingly enough, shooting on the grounds by the Corporate Woods business park in Overland Park is a great spot for a session. It has walking trails, a little bridge, a big fountain (though Linh wasn’t a fan of being near the fountain on this particular day), and we lucked out with some beautiful spring blossoms which with the building in the background gave it a slight urban feeling too. The nicest thing about shooting off the beaten path is that we don’t have to work around other photographers or busy families! Win-win! =)


This set with Linh and her parents just melt me, I hope they get put in a frame! =)

Family-Photographer-OverlandPark-KS-JessicaStrom-CorporateWoods-Affordable-Fun-Photography-02 Family-Photographer-OverlandPark-KS-JessicaStrom-CorporateWoods-Affordable-Fun-Photography-03 Family-Photographer-OverlandPark-KS-JessicaStrom-CorporateWoods-Affordable-Fun-Photography-04

Until next time! See you soon!

If you’re interested in learning more about my sessions, please check out the General Rates page for more info and get in touch!

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