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I absolutely adore this adorable family. They’ve been dear returning clients of mine since big brother Khoa was a newborn and its all fun and giggles every time I photograph them. Just over Linh’s first year from the NICU to her 1 Year session, we’ve had 6 sessions and it’s a blast.

When choosing a location for any session, I try to go off of the background that parents are wanting (usually I ask do you want greenery or urban?) and then try to find what they want in an easy location to get to for everyone. Surprisingly enough, shooting on the grounds by the Corporate Woods business park in Overland Park is a great spot for a session. It has walking trails, a little bridge, a big fountain (though Linh wasn’t a fan of being near the fountain on this particular day), and we lucked out with some beautiful spring blossoms which with the building in the background gave it a slight urban feeling too. The nicest thing about shooting off the beaten path is that we don’t have to work around other photographers or busy families! Win-win! =)


This set with Linh and her parents just melt me, I hope they get put in a frame! =)

Family-Photographer-OverlandPark-KS-JessicaStrom-CorporateWoods-Affordable-Fun-Photography-02 Family-Photographer-OverlandPark-KS-JessicaStrom-CorporateWoods-Affordable-Fun-Photography-03 Family-Photographer-OverlandPark-KS-JessicaStrom-CorporateWoods-Affordable-Fun-Photography-04

Until next time! See you soon!

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Oh Mr. Brennan. He and his parents were getting ready to move out of their tiny condo in downtown Kansas City and the stars of our schedules aligned and we were able to fit in his second milestones session (lifestyle session at home) before the big move to a new house. What I really love about Milestones sessions in client homes is that I don’t do any planning before I arrive, and I tell parents to pick out an outfit or two that they would wear everyday but that less is more. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Then when I arrive I get to pick out items I find in the home and voila, we have our pops of color and fun memories of ‘remember when’. Plus, seriously, blue is definitely Brennan’s power color. Those eyes!

Shooting a session in a small apartment/condo really just isn’t an issue for me. So many people tell me their space is too small, but let me tell you, it’s just not. These images below were in Brennan’s living room and sure, totally tight space, but we put his baby blanket on the floor for the dots (oh I love the color!) and just let him play. Golden!


From the living room we moved on into Brennan’s room for some images of him in his crib. Crib images serve a dual purpose. The first being that I think the crib is so often overlooked when it comes to this special age and deserves to be showcased alongside baby’s new ability to stand and see the world beyond. It shows baby’s size and gives parents something special to have when in the not too distant future, babes will be in toddler beds. Then big kid beds!

The second awesome purpose of shooting images in their cribs? It’s just confinement! They can’t get away! Haha!

We’d been doing images of Brennan with his parents in their room since his newborn session last year (you can even see one of his images, from that room, on the canvas behind them in one of the photos below) and so we carried on the tradition for this last session in the condo. Then to wrap things up, went outside to enjoy the sunshine and capture just a little of urban living in downtown KCMO. As much as one can look forward to having a front yard in the ‘burbs, a little green space to call their own, after living in any downtown for so long, you do eventually miss it. I know I miss living in downtown Calgary. So I try to capture those little details of one phase of life while transitioning to the next. Moves are always bitter sweet.

This dude turns the BIG ONE soon and I can’t wait to see him in new digs! See you soon B-man!



Happy Birthday Mr. Liam! After a year of photographing him every few months, he finally broke out of his shell and smiled SO much for me, I just loved it. What I so enjoy about doing sessions in Leavenworth is the old style of homes and architecture, with Liam’s home being one of my favorites. Sadly, they are moving out of state oh too soon and this was our last session together, and while we had to say our goodbyes, I’m thrilled that these images convey that perfect afternoon with this incredible family. Oh, and we did it in 30 minutes. Boom. Done. =)

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!”

LeavenworthFamilyPhotographer-JessicaStromPhotography-5 LeavenworthFamilyPhotographer-JessicaStromPhotography-1 LeavenworthFamilyPhotographer-JessicaStromPhotography-2 LeavenworthFamilyPhotographer-JessicaStromPhotography-3If you’re interested in doing a session with me, please check out my prices page and shoot me an email at jessicastromphotography@gmail.com
See you soon!


While it took a couple reschedules around this very rainy Spring we’ve been having, we finally got the perfect day to do Ben’s First Birthday session down in the residential part of the Kansas City River Market area. This dapper little dude looked so darn cute and while he made us work for them, we got some fantastic smiles and giggles out of him. What I love so much about the River Market area is vast array of different textures we can use for portraits. It’s a great area to go for a walk and stop at a spot for a few pics and then move on, perfect for busy toddlers and really any kiddo so that way they don’t always feel the pressure to perform or get bored. The best part really is that is gives us so many options for a great variety in the final gallery. Ben’s session was done in about 30 minutes as a General Session and that’s really all the time you need!

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Two weeks ago today, I was prepped and wheeled into a cold & sterile room for surgery. And, when I awoke, the first thought that came to my groggy mind was:

My baby is gone.

I went in 10 weeks + 6 days pregnant with my miracle baby, little Bean as {her} daddy would call her. 9 years of waiting, praying, crying, hurting, longing… just gone.

My husband Daniel and I had tried everything except IVF. I mean, everything. Through the rounds of doctors and testing, everyone just labeled me as “unknown.” Hubs and I deciphered it was an implantation issue and that nothing was going to work. 2 years ago we just allowed ourselves to accept that getting pregnant was not how we were going to start our family, and we were both okay with that. I’ve always been very open about my struggles with long term infertility as I’m not ashamed of it, it’s my story and if we hide our biggest struggles, how can we expect anyone to understand what we’re each going through.

Then, in February, just a couple months ago, we found out we were surprisingly pregnant. I wept with so much joy, thinking of Genesis 30:22 “And God remembered Rachel, and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb.” God had finally remembered me.

We announced to our family the day we found out, and to everyone else the next day. We were too elated to keep this a secret and wanted to celebrate this little life. I felt so convicted that this was finally our time and we did everything right with prenatal care, took so much precaution with me, and I struggled but prevailed to trust my body to take care of little Bean, because when you haven’t trusted your body for 9 years to work right, it’s hard to just hand over that trust. But I did, and worked through the sickness that followed, rejoicing to be sick. We saw baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound at 6 weeks + 4 days and allowed ourselves to start making plans, to start feeling like we could actually join this ‘parent club’, which was so exclusive.

A couple days before our second follow up at 10 weeks, I was starting to feel better. I thought, ‘Can I really be this lucky to get over the sickness at 10 weeks? Everyone says they were sick up to 14-17 weeks.’ I asked Daniel if anything could be wrong since I was feeling better and we both brushed off the silly thought and just had a ‘We’re having a baby!’ giggle.

That was the only fleeting second I thought anything could be wrong. And two days later, when we went for the follow up so eager to hear that little thump thump thump, we couldn’t find Bean’s heartbeat. Daniel and I knew the second the image came up on the monitor that something was wrong. Then of course having the tech leave the room not once, but twice, only confirmed it. The midwife thought the tech told us and the tech thought the midwife was going to tell us, and so the midwife was just “I’m so sorry” and I had already been crying but we had to get her to reiterate what the problem was. It was a mess.

My body failed me. They estimate that the baby passed somewhere between 7-8 weeks and my body had shown me no indication that anything had happened. They call it a ‘missed miscarriage’. So not only was I grieving the loss of our baby, but I came to realize that for the past 2-3 weeks I was planning, picking out names, talking to my belly, all for nothing. That I was lied to and felt so cheated out of everything.

We left the office that day numb, unable to speak, our world just completely shattered. Slowly we started telling the family. And the next day, knowing I was having a very necessary D&C surgery in the morning, I had to let everyone know what had happened. I didn’t regret sharing the pregnancy news so early, I was glad everyone had had a chance to get excited over Bean’s upcoming arrival, because it was the only time I would have to share our baby with everyone. There would be no birth, there would be no pictures, just this brief flicker of time that Baby Strom was real.

What I did not expect and caught me completely off guard, was the incredible, sensational amount of support we received when the news of the loss of our baby had spread. Our families were heartbroken with us and it’s been hard to talk with them, I will admit, and so it was the community of our closest friends and so many supporters from my NICU work that stepped up to really really let us know that we were loved, our baby was so very loved, and countless prayers were being lifted up for us. When I was wheeled into my recovery room after surgery, I was greeted with flowers from the hospital staff who I had worked with in the marketing and NICU departments countless time. Flowers were sent to my home from one of my NICU families who had moved away, cards were sent, gifts to help deal with grief were sent, one of my dear friends provided dinner so we didn’t have to cook, and hundreds of messages of thoughts, prayers, and comfort, so many from people I have never personally met. Many shared their own struggles over their pregnancy losses, virtual hugs were sent all around. So even during the time I hid away from the world, the world was still at my door saying “We love you!”

The physical recovery was hard. I ended up in the ER 5 days later, but thankfully I am ok. Last Friday, I started back to work a week after the procedure, not because I had to, but because emotionally I needed to. One of my first sessions back last Friday was a maternity session. There was some concern for me that doing a maternity session a week after I lost my baby was going to be too hard for me. But, here is the thing, I believe strongly that the attitude one has following a loss will either make or break you. And as much as I cry for and yearn for my baby that I will never get to see or hold after nearly a decade of waiting for, I simply can not bring myself to rob other people of their joy over my grief. Letting grief close off your heart to loving others not only robs others of their joy, but robs yourself of experiencing joy and love. Time doesn’t stand still and each day is another day, another opportunity to live a life worth living, despite our grief.

Ladies, we need to share more of these personal struggles in our lives so we can find a way to let more joy in. If I had never shared the struggles of my long hard battle with infertility, if Daniel and I had chosen not to announce the pregnancy as early as we did, it would have made us not end up sharing the news of our loss, and Baby Bean’s brief little life would not have been celebrated or mourned the way {she} deserved. We would never have received the immense support that kept us lifted up during these darkest days, and a community would not have come together to encourage and pray for another. For all these things, I am thankful I shared our story.

Two weeks ago, I had a few moments alone in the pre-op room and I struggled as I saw flashes of what Bean’s birth should have looked like, and I desperately wondered “How did we end up here?”. As I listened to the people in the next baby tell their nurse all about their new 7 week old baby and laugh over questions about their own D&C, not knowing (or thinking) of who could be in the next bay over, I knew I couldn’t let this harden my heart. I’d already lost my baby, if I lost my heart, then I would lose myself too, and there’s no coming back from that. My body may have failed me, and failed Bean, but:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.

Brittany Simpson -

So I have never officially met you but i work nights at OPRMCs NICU. I have not had the awful experience dealing with infertility but my sister has. She went 10 years trying to get pregnant and nothing worked and no one knew why. She did have my niece about 6 months ago after giving up and accepting that. I want you to know that not even knowing you you are one of the most amazing people i have ever had the oppurtunity to meet. Your outlook on life and hard times are inspiring. I showed her your story and in tears she said she would pray for you cause she knows how awful the feeling Is. So thank you for being an absolutely amazing person. Not only are you inspiring but you have one of the largest hearts in a person i have ever had the honor to know and your work in the NICU shows that. So thank you and you, your husband and your sweet Bean are in my prayers.


F a c e b o o k